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itsaur was established in February 2015 and is located at Thessaloniki, Greece

Design first
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After years of experience on large platforms development, we are able to build custom software solutions of any type, size and complexity. We have the expertise to design, develop, test and finally deliver high quality software, using the latest trends on technologies and development processes.

  • Have an idea?Bring it to us, and let us do the REST!

Bring your idea to life


Do you have an idea? Do you want to see it growing and take its place among other successful Apps?


Come to us and we will bring your idea to life. From branding to development and marketing, we can make things simple and easy for you.


Design First, Develop Smart, guarantees your product’s success that will make it Go Further.

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Smart Design, Clean Code

Platform Architecture Design

Build a highly scalable platform, equipped with tools like noSQL and Message Queues for maximum performance.

Consulting services

Organize your development process using SCRUM. Learn about the latest designs that will help your product go further

QA & Software Testing

Organize your QA team and test every part of your system. Ensure your customers will enjoy a stable and high quality product.

Web Services Development

Expose you business logic through REST or SOAP services using the latest technology stack in either .NET or Java programming languages.

Web Application Development

Create Single Page Applications using AngularJS, for optimum performance and unparalleled user experience.

Mobile Application Development

Build an exceptional mobile application and provide to your audience the best user experience possible.

  • Do you have a project
    that suffers from improper planning?

itsaur to the rescue

Project Rescue

turning panic into success

No matter how bad things look, every project can usually be turned around. What you really need to do, is to establish a structured process so that you can easily get on track and move forward. At itsaur, we can analyze your project, detect the problems and then suggest a solution to turn the panic into success.

Code Analysis

Product Requirements Refinement


Performance Optimizations

QA & Testing


Who We Are

We are a team ofhighly skilled software engineersalways learning about the latest trends in software industry

Grigorios Grigoriadis

Software Architect

Charalampos Voutsas

UX/Web Expert & Head of Frontend Department

Stefanos Chaliasos

QA Expert & Head of QA Department


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26is Oktovriou 28 & Anagenniseos 2 Str.
P.S. 54627
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: 2310-514929
Fax: 2310-514929


Send an email atinfo@itsaur.comor use the contact form.

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